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Energy Diagnostics

As the saying goes, a problem that’s well-defined is 50% solved, so we start by evaluating your whole house dynamics.  

It’s the equivalent of a physician giving you an exam before prescribing medication. 

Each house is different and every solution is unique.

Our trained staff uses specialized diagnostic equipment to detect specific energy and health conditions in your home.

 So you’ll be able to make an informed decision about exactly what you want—and don’t want.


Blower Door Testing

Blower doors use a powerful fan that measures how much of your conditioned air is leaking out.  It is a fundamental tool used in building science.

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Infrared Camera

Thermal imaging enables us to see inside your walls and identify heat loss or gain, moisture build-up and other related issues that may not be visible.

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Pressure Pans

Pressure Pans measure the volume of air flow coming out of your vents. They detect air leakage in your ducts and ensure individual rooms receive adequate airflow for heating and cooling.

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